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Beloved Community Arts Center (BCAC)

Beloved Community Arts Center

What is it?

The Beloved Community Arts Center helps youth relieve stress by expressing their feelings and experiences through music and the arts, in healthy ways. Join other local families in music classes open to all children, regardless of economic standing. Experienced mentors will lead 45-minute classes on Saturday mornings, beginning January 26.  Children in grades 1-12 are invited to participate in learning to play guitar, hand drums, violin and singing. Our 10-week program will be held from January 26 through March 30.  All classes will are held from 9:00 A.M.  – 11:45 A.M. at Advent Lutheran Church.

Why Was it Created?

We all benefit when we know, respect, help and delight in the people who are our neighbors – and when our neighbors do so for us. We depend upon one another. Our lives are richer when we are amazed by our differences and can learn with one another and from one another. The vision of The Beloved Community comes to life when we live in this way. The Beloved Community overcomes isolation and fear with relationships of care, justice and creativity. The people of Advent Lutheran Church intend to contribute to growing The Beloved Community right here in South County through creating new possibilities for children and youth to create music and other arts together. We believe that when we fail, God’s grace abounds for us and our neighbors to begin again. We invite your participation and support in this new venture! Parents and families are encouraged to volunteer and shape the BCAC!

How to Participate?

To participate in the winter session, children must be registered prior to January 15.

  • Register your children for one or more classes here
  • Share this with other families and personally encourage them to become involved
  • Contact Sherry Quick at 408-779-3551 to volunteer as
    • Greeter on Saturday mornings
    • Spanish/English translator
    • Grant writer
    • Snack provider
    • Registration support
  • Donate towards scholarships
  • Pray for this work and all who are involved in it!