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Church Library

The Advent Lutheran Church Library supports our mission statement that changed lives have the ability to change the lives of others through Christ’s love. The library’s aim is to serve all members of the congregation and the community, children as well as adults. The library seeks to provide both print and non-print material, which strengthens the educational work of the church, increases our knowledge of our own faith and the faith of others and deepens our relationship with Jesus Christ. Reading books from the church library deeply enriches our worship life, provides information on social and economic issues and fosters an appreciation of good books.

The library is open before and after services (and between services, if there is no class being held in the library). To check out a book just write your name (and telephone number, if you are not in the Church Directory) on a post-it note, stick the post-it note on the book card and leave the book card in the checkout box. It is also OK to put this information directly on the book card.

Donations, memorials and gifts are a vital means of library support. Donors and honorees are acknowledged with bookplates placed in each book. Special individual gifts to the church library can be given in honor of many occasions; such as baptisms, holidays, birthdays and confirmation. Gifts can also be given in memory of or in honor of grandparents, friends, retirement, Sunday School teachers or any person or occasion you choose! If you would like to donate your own gently used books, please leave them in bags or boxes marked ‘Donations’ either in the library or in the ‘return’ box under the library table in the Berkland Fellowship Hall. Books that are not added to the collection are donated to the Morgan Hill Library for their annual book sale.

Help is always needed to catalog and process materials for checkout. No experience is necessary to help in the church library! Also needed are computer skills, artistic ability to make posters and create displays. To volunteer your help or for more information about the church library, contact the Faith Development chairperson at or call the church office at 408-779-3551.

PARENTS: If you are looking for Christian books to read to your children, this is a good place to start! There are great books to supplement Sunday School lessons and prepare for Bible readings.