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Students meet monthly on Saturday morning.

If you are planning to be part of this coming year’s confirmation classes, please feel free to speak with Pastor Warner to learn more about each year, the requirements, and how this faith stepping stone is an important aspect of your child’s faith journey. Pastor Warner would love to meet with you and your family in person for this kind of talk, so please let her know if you’re interested.

Confirmation is an important time in one’s life and faith journey where students can focus on what it is they believe, histories and traditions, Bible study, ask the tough questions, and wrestle with the answers they may find. Traditionally, students have already been baptized prior to confirmation classes. With this being so, Confirmation becomes a time for them to reflect on what baptism means, how it affects their lives, and how they want to continue living as a new creation in Christ Jesus.

Confirmation is mainly about discipleship. Through the confirmation process students will discover for themselves how their faith is calling them to be disciples of Christ in the world. The confirmation process ends with a worship service where the 3rd year students are confirmed and share their personal statements of faith with the congregation.

Confirmation at Advent usually begins in 7th grade and ends in 9th grade. However, faith is a journey and a process in itself. Not everybody was baptized as an infant or brought up in a community of faith. It is not unusual to have students in the confirmation classes who have not yet been baptized. There is room to be flexible with the confirmation process. God meets us where we are so that means it won’t always be at the same place in life for everybody.

If you are interested in confirmation, but do not fit the “old rules” of Confirmation, Pastor Warner would be happy to meet with you and hear your faith story. If you are in High School but haven’t been baptized, or maybe you have but just never gone through the confirmation process when you were younger, and would like to have an opportunity learn, reflect, and publicly affirm your baptism please speak with Pastor Warner about the Faith Journeys process.