Advent Lutheran Church

Sunday School

Join us as we begin a new year of Sunday School! We have opportunities for every member of your family to grow in faith!
Read below for a brief synopsis of our offerings for children and youth:

Spark! Rotation


Room 9 or Room 11-12, depending on age grouping and lesson. Check in at the welcome table each Sunday to know which room you will be in for your lesson!

Spark is a Sunday School faith formation program that is used to activate the faith of our 4 year old children thru 3rd grade.Spark Rotation provides eight workshop rotation options for each Bible story. In this model, Advent kids will spend more than one week on a Bible story and visit a different workshop each week in order to experience that same story from different perspectives. Possible rotations include art, bible skills and games, cooking, creative drama, music, science, and video. These lessons are led by a team of Advent high school students and/or Advent adults.


Connect (grades 4– 6)


Room 10

With Connect, tweens revisit the Bible’s greatest stories, uncover major biblical themes, and discover how the Bible relates to their own lives. It’s Bible-centered Sunday school with just enough quirky tween humor to get them hooked. Each lesson is broken into three parts. Part 1 – See: Tweens watch a video that blends witty, slap-stick, humor and solid theology to introduce the session theme. Part 2 – Explore: As they explore the text, kids highlight, underline, sketch on, search through, and make connections in their Bibles. Part 3 – Make: Students then relate the themes to their own lives through project-style activities in the Connect Learner Sheets.


Confirmation (grades 7 – 9)

Room 2 / South Youth Room

See: to learn more about our confirmation program. Friends and visitors are always welcome to join us, even if not enrolled in the confirmation process!


High School (grades 10 – 12)

Our high school students are invited to step up and serve as leaders for our Spark Sunday School program. Contact Melissa Paulsen for information about serving as a leader.

High school students are also welcome to join any of the adult faith development opportunities offered at the 9:30 am hour.

Please contact Casey Cross, at, Youth and Family Minister, if you have any questions or would like to be part of the youth & family opportunities here at Advent!

When a child turns 3 years of age, even during the school year, he or she may enter the Sunday School program.

For more information concerning Sunday School for children or adults, please contact the Faith Development chairperson at or call the church office at 408-779-3551.