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Middle School and High School

Faith Development for Middle School and High School Students

Middle School Students – Confirmation

Advent Lutheran Church offers a three year confirmation course. This curriculum uses a combination of multi-media, discussion, Bible study, both large group and small group lesson time, and internet resources to bring the lessons to life for each confirmation student. Each confirmation year is broken into three trimesters: The Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, and Living Lutheran. Students meet monthly on Saturday.


High School (grades 10 – 12)

The High School students of Advent Lutheran Church participate in a wide range of activities. Love, service, and discipleship make up the core of each youth event.



Our High School Youth participate in a variety of fundraisers in order to go on the all trips that we do! We tithe by giving 10% of the funds that we earn to a benevolence of the youth’s choice. We feel that this is good stewardship practice for the youth, and a great example to the congregation and to younger youth. Each youth who is going on a trip establishes an account. Monies earned at the fundraisers are divided amongst the youth according to the number of hours worked. Some of our fundraisers include: car washes, bake sales, dinners, breakfasts, talent shows, Super Bowl pizza sales, babysitting and more!


Bake Sales

Look for us throughout the year!