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Faith Development for Children

We care deeply about the faith development of all people. We believe that all people are active participants in the life of our church, no matter what their age. We understand that a modern family comes in all shapes and sizes, so we strive to offer a variety of ministries to meet you where you are. Each aspect of our ministries are designed to support faithful living and faithful conversations wherever you may find yourself; whether at home, in the sanctuary, in a classroom, at work, or play.

Children are valued in the whole life of our church community.  Youth can be found learning, serving, playing and celebrating with all generations of our congregation.  We welcome parent and family involvement in leading and supporting our children’s ministries.  Adults who chaperone and lead children’s events are trained through our Safe Community program and have completed an application and background check.

Baptism and Communion

God welcomes us into a life of grace and discipleship through baptism, whatever our age. We welcome children who have been baptized to receive communion and to learn about communion according to their developmental level.  If you are interested in baptism or communion for your child or young person, please contact the pastor.



Children in Worship

Children worshiping with their families is the single most important factor in forming and keeping faith.  Our worship service includes many ways in which children can participate, including in the music, the community, a children’s message, communion, and places in the sanctuary for children to move and create.



Children’s Time on Sunday’s

Children are invited to leave the communion table, whether they receive communion or a blessing there, to spend 25 minutes in hearing one of the Bible stories again, engaging in an activity, and sharing a prayer time together.





An elementary retreat for grades 3-6 is held each October at Mt. Cross where parents are welcome as chaperones.