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Making a Commitment

When we ourselves understand all that God has given us, the natural response is to want to financially support our church home and other Christian organizations that proclaim God’s love and grace. In order for members and friends of Advent Lutheran Church to follow through with their desire to return a portion of their possessions to God, members and friends are presented with the opportunity to make a commitment during the annual fall stewardship campaign. A commitment is our response of gratitude for the blessings of God. A commitment reflects what we believe about God. It is an expression of our faith; our good intentions put into good action.

In a world dominated by credit cards, one small piece of plastic handed to a clerk is a pledge or a commitment. The simple fact that a home is equipped with gas, electric and telephone service is proof that someone has made three separate commitments. The sound of the morning paper on the porch and its continued delivery is a sign that the commitment is being kept. How much more important is your commitment to the living God! We commit to God not in order to win God’s favor or earn our way in God’s sight, but because God has given and continues to give. God Almighty has already created and continues to do so. We are the living evidence of that sustaining miracle. God has given us the Word and the Sacraments, calls us into Christ’s body, sustains and keeps us. Advent Lutheran Church is a living sign of God’s presence!

This annual response and commitment program challenges everyone to reflect on how they should respond to God’s call. Making a financial pledge or a written financial commitment, sometimes called a ‘faith promise’ or an ‘estimate of giving’, can be done by filling out a commitment card. These commitment cards are usually returned to the Budget Committee on ‘Commitment Sunday’ or at the end of the stewardship campaign. A commitment may be changed or revised at any time by contacting the Financial Secretary. Those new to the congregation or renewing their commitment to the congregation may request a commitment card from the church office at any time of the year and return it to the Financial Secretary’s box in the church office.

A ‘faith pledge’ or a commitment of financial support by the members or friends of Advent Lutheran Church allows the Budget Committee to correctly configure a budget that will reflect and support the ministries at Advent for the coming year.

Once a year two boxes of pre­printed weekly envelopes are given to all members and to those individuals that make a financial commitment. One box contains General Budget envelopes and the other box contains Debt Reduction Fund envelopes. These envelopes provide an easy way for you to give your pledged money or any other financial support to your church. These envelope boxes are usually ready for pick up in the fellowship hall after the first of the year.

Of course, the use of a pre­printed offering envelope is not necessary, but does provide an easy way for the church office to return to you a receipt and a tax refund record of your yearly given. If you have questions about making a financial pledge or commitment to Advent or would like more information concerning the budgets of the church, please contact the Finance chairperson.