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CMT Play Synopses

Summer 2018

SESSION II “Greatest Treasure”
August 6 – 11

“The Greatest Treasure” has been a CMT favorite for years! At the beginning of the show we see the conniving mayor of the Village of Timrut trick the village’s retired pirates into returning to the high seas to find gold. The Pirates reluctantly agree. Once on their voyage, the pirates, who are played by the kids in Group IV, stir up the ocean when they dump their garbage into the sea. They are tossed from their ship and soon find themselves underwater face to face with the Mermaids (group IV). They soon meet several kinds of talking and singing ocean critters. Group I plays the parts of Angelfish and Orcas. Group II plays the parts of Octopus, Jellyfish, Dolphins and Crabs, and Group III plays the part of the rapping garbage monster “Garbagio.” The pirates eventually are asked to come to a meeting of all the sea animals and the Mermaids (The Mermaid court is played by other members of Group III). It is there that they learn that the ocean is indeed a great treasure given to us all by God and that we have been charged to take care of it. The pirates return home in victory! Only the mayor is unhappy by the end of the show.

“The Greatest Treasure” is visually stimulating. Traditionally, this show showcases the Art Department’s talents in both set and costume construction. The music is fantastic, and there is great humor in the story. How can you resist a six-year old child dressed in a crab costume singing, “I’m just a little crabby”?