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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministers

Prayer Ministers are available in worship every Sunday during Holy Communion and after the service to pray individually with you for healing for body, mind, or spirit.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry at Advent Lutheran Church has its history in the Old Testament books of Numbers and Deuteronomy. It is a very old custom used to provide healing, comfort and the peace of God to someone in need and to remind them of the loving presence of God. As the person knits or crochets the shawl, prayers are offered for the person for whom the shawl is intended. Opportunities are available to knit or crochet a shawl as a gift of prayer to someone or to request a prayer shawl to be given to someone you know is in need of God’s comfort. Patterns (link to:

For more information about this specially gifted ministry, please contact the Community Connections Chairperson at or call the church office at 408-779-3551.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain consists of Advent Lutheran members that are faithful in prayer, know the importance of prayer and know the mighty power of prayer. The power of prayer through the Prayer Chain at Advent Lutheran Church is open to anyone that would like prayer concerning a situation, hurt, sickness or burden. The Prayer Chain is continuous and is available to those in need 24 hours a day.

To become a praying and supportive member of the Advent Prayer Chain, please contact the Community Connections chairperson at or call the church office at 408-779-3551.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests can be for your family, your friends or yourself. Words of thanksgiving, praise and good news can be shared, as well as prayer requests for deep physical and spiritual needs. These prayer requests will be passed on to the members of the Prayer Chain.

To share a prayer request with the Prayer Chain, please contact the church office at 408-779-3551 or

Prayer and Word

Inspirational Prayer & Word is distributed daily through an email message. This special Prayer and Word provides an opportunity for the Advent Lutheran Community to pray together. A gifted member of Advent writes a daily prayer and pairs it with appropriate Scripture. The writing is honest and insightful. It deals with the relevant issues of our daily lives and the life of the church.

To receive this specially written daily Prayer and Word message in your email box, please email a request to Gaetana. (