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Quarterly Mission Project

Quarterly Mission Project

2021 Second Quarter


The Stewardship Committee and the Church Council have chosen for the second quarter mission the Creation Justice Ministries which has as its mission action to equip and mobilize Christians to protect, restore, and rightly share God’s creation.


During this quarter, our congregation will have the opportunity to learn, reflect and put into action the many facets of this ministry. Information and guidance for this undertaking will be provided to individuals to implement in their daily lives.  Additionally, a committee will be formed to bring the suggestions of Creation Justice Ministries and form a path for our congregation to follow and explore the many ways in which we can better protect, restore and share God’s creation. For more information, please visit

He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?  Micah 6:8


2021 First Quarter

Food is a basic need, not a luxury. Martha’s kitchen fulfills this need for those who are most vulnerable to food insecurity in our community. In 2020, the number of hungry have increased significantly. The number of meals provided by Martha’s Kitchen has increased by 100%. By the end of 2020, Martha’s Kitchen prepared over 1 million meals and distributed over 2,000,000 pounds of groceries in and around the Bay Area. Financial support is needed to fight against hunger. Martha’s Kitchen was started by Louise Benson in 1981. Louise energized her resources to serve the poor in the community. Every dollar donated provides $7 of food. Advent serves a community table every Tuesday evening along with other churches in our community most night’s each week, provided by Martha’s Kitchen.

2020 Fourth Quarter

On August 4, 2020, a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at the port of the city of Beirut, exploded, causing at least 200 deaths, 6500 injuries and left an estimated 300,00 people homeless. The spectacle of the blast and its destruction is only part of Lebanon’s heartache. The country’s currency devalued into a free-fall when a government attempt to strengthen it against the U.S. dollar failed. The move forced banks to close, ignited record inflation and shuttered so many businesses that half of all Lebanese are unemployed. There are people in this crisis who will have to choose between fixing damage so they can return home, and having food to eat every day,” Carrie Taneyhill said. Taneyhill is in Beirut to survey the damage as Lutheran World Relief’s director of humanitarian assistance. Currently, the most immediate needs following the tragic explosion are for food assistance, shelter and health services. Assisting the people of Beirut is one example of how LWR responds to need in the world. Advent’s Sew Seeds group has actively been working with LWR for years as they have been making quilts which are then shipped to LWR to distribute to those in need. Beirut is one of the key partners that has been receiving quilts and kits through LWR to distressed communities and camps throughout the Middle East. Please prayerfully consider donating, as many
who are suffering around the world can benefit from your giving to this worthy mission. 

2020 Third Quarter

Our third-quarter mission will be the ELCA COVID-19 Response Fund. Launched in the response of the unprecedented need as a result of COVID-19, the ELCA COVID-19 response fund was created to support the ministries of this church that are most in need and best position to make an impact.

In the United States unemployment has soared. We are seeing rising demand in our food pantries, homeless shelters and social services. Around the world people living in poverty are facing this pandemic without reliable access to sanitation and health care.

Congregations across the ELCA are facing the financial repercussions of this new reality, while also quickly employing creative thinking, innovation and technology to meet people in their daily lives in better ways and continue to deliver the hope of Jesus and our faith. We know the world needs these congregations and their faith more than ever.

With nearly $1 million raised so far, this outpouring of generosity is already making an impact. These gifts support

  • Congregations and local ministries serving communities that are disproportionately at risk from the pandemic, especially as it relates to health concerns exposure risk and/or economic status
  • The health and well-being of leaders and church employees who are critical to carrying out the mission of this church
  • Ministries around the world provide people in poverty with healthcare, sanitation and hygiene supplies, clean water, food and shelter— resources critical to slowing the spread of the virus

As of May they have distributed two rounds of grants and a third planned in June supporting ministries in vulnerable communities providing emergency food relief and advocacy for people in these communities. These ministries include five congregations in the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod. The congregations are Saint John Prairie Hill in Brenham,Texas, Bethlehem Lutheran church in New Orleans, Hosanna in Mandeville, Louisiana, Saint James/Santiago Apostol in Houston, Texas, Kindred in Houston, Texas and Lakeside in League City, Texas. These congregations provide food banks, emergency boxes and hot meals, provide lunches for students after schools closed, serving immigrant and refugee families and provide meals to homeless LGBTQIA teens.

2020 Second Quarter

Few know the challenges greater by hunger, drought, job security or loss like the Navajo. COVID-19 has made life even more difficult for the community. For 65 years Navajo Lutheran mission (better known locally as Rockpoint mission) has partnered with the Navajo people to be an outpost of love and hope. Every day the 100% Navajo staff feed the hungry, prioritize learning for grades K-6 and focus on fulfilling basic community needs. They teach the way of Jesus, listening to one another, helping one another to stretch their capacity to become the people that God needs in this time and place.

Less than half of the households have electricity and running water, adding for some of the additional tasks of hauling water and collecting wood or coal for heating and cooking. The distance between home and any kind of help is 50 miles or more. For most, healthcare, jobs, groceries, farming supplies and entertainment, require a working vehicle, many gallons of fuel, travel food and a full day to gather the provisions needed for home and family.  This precious place cannot exist without the investment of prayer, volunteer presence and financial help from generous and committed individuals, congregations, foundations, granting organizations and legacy gifts.  In previous years Advent youth have travel to Rockpoint three different times to help paint, re-roof and paint murals in the library.

2020 First Quarter

For the first quarter, Advent has selected the Pastoral Internship Fund. There are times when a pastoral intern will need additional funds for fuel, conferences etc. Pastor Anita will determine approval of the distribution of these funds and any additional funds available after an intern leaves will go towards the next intern.

2019 Fourth Quarter

Advent’s fourth quarter mission will be the Santa Cruz al Salvador Scholarship Program.  Students who graduate from the high school program in the community of Guillermo Ungo are eligible to apply for a scholarship to continue their studies at a trade or technical school or a private or public university. Students are selected according to their academic preparation and financial need.  Your contributions make it possible to offer the opportunity for post secondary study to more students.  These students work harder and their parents provide more support for them because they know they have friends in the U.S. who believe in them.

2019 Third Quarter

For the third quarter, Advent Lutheran has selected Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) for our mission.  LIRS is an internationally recognized leader known for innovative services for refugees, asylum-seekers, unaccompanied migrant children and families, migrants in detention, and other vulnerable populations.  LIRS works to protect and embrace refugees, migrants, and children seeking a new life in America. Having carried out this work for more than eight decades, LIRS and their national network of service providers are uniquely equipped to provide holistic, trauma-informed, and age-appropriate care to the vulnerable individuals we serve.

2019 Second Quarter

Advent’s second quarter mission project will concentrate on assisting the Learning and Loving Education Center in Morgan Hill.  The center focuses on teaching skills, foster hopes, and provide direction to adult immigrant women and their children living in the surrounding low and extremely low income areas of our local community which are home to a high concentration of isolated; marginalized, illiterate and underserved women and children. 

2019 First Quarter

For the first quarter, Advent Lutheran has selected the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as our first quarter mission project as they provide lifesaving emergency aid, clean water and medical care to millions of people in Yemen affected by violent conflict and a growing health crisis. 

Yemen has been embroiled in a bitter civil war since 2015 as the Saudi- and Emirati-led coalition supports the government of President Hadi against the Houthi movement that controls the capital, Sanaa. 24 million people remain in need of humanitarian assistance and the United Nations warned in late 2018 that the country risked facing a “massive famine.” According to the most recent assessments, 63,500 Yemenis are experiencing catastrophe levels of food insecurity. Yemen is also home to the worst cholera outbreak in modern history, with over one million affected.

2018 Fourth Quarter

Advent’s fourth quarter mission will concentrate on helping meet the needs of the families living at the Safe Car Park (SCP) housed on the Morgan Hill Bible Church back parking lot. These eight, currently seven, homeless families have been selected to live on this site. There are currently 12 adults, 7 children, and two infants at the park nightly. The site is equipped with a washer/dryer and a bathroom with a shower. 

2018 Third Quarter

For the third quarter, Advent Lutheran has selected Lutheran World Relief (LWR) as our third quarter mission project.  LWR is providing direct support to the families who are currently displaced by the war in their country.  The last time we gave support to this organization, it was to help refugees who were here in the U.S.  This time we are assisting those people who are still in the Middle East.  Please consider helping these families who have been affected by war and conflict.  

2018 Second Quarter

The Beloved Community Art Center is under development, along with community partners.The development group is planning a pilot program of music ensemble classes beginning this fall. Scholarships will enable us to compensate the music teachers while making the program accessible to all children in the community, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. We invite your prayers and support for this exciting new ministry! To contribute, make checks available to Advent with notation 2nd Quarter Mission, or BCAC scholarships.

2018 First Quarter
Mt. Cross is gearing up for summer camp! It is a time when hundreds of kids, families, and adults come to experience God’s profound grace. Mt. Cross has made a commitment to never turn a camper away because of financial need. By supporting our Mt. Cross Mission Project, we will help Mt. Cross ensure that anyone who wants to come to summer camp can do so. The average cost for a week of camp is $600 (Mt. Cross charges around $435). Advent’s generosity helps Mt. Cross make up that difference. Our giving this quarter will go directly towards campership funds that are available for anyone who needs help getting to that $435. For more information, Adam Erickson-co-director of Mt. Cross will be speaking with us on February 25 and you can also visit the Mt. Cross website.
2017 Fourth Quarter

For the fourth quarter of 2017, Advent Lutheran is focusing our efforts on working with Lutheran Disaster Response to support those struggling with the damage caused by recent hurricanes. We are standing by our neighbors as they begin the long road to recovery from recent catastrophic storms. To give, make checks payable to Advent with the notation Hurricane Disaster Response- 4th Quarter Mission or you may donate online.

2017 Third Quarter

For the third quarter of 2017, Advent Lutheran focused on supporting the rural village of Awaso located in Ghana, Africa as its mission project. Advent’s own parishioner, Jacqui Kanode made her fifth trip to Ghana this September and October where she will be helped open the new junior high school located in Awaso, as well as assisting with ongoing projects in the village.

Awaso Academy International is a private, independent school that provides high quality education to the children of Awaso. The school is directed by Father Paul Mensha, a Catholic priest. Most schools in Awaso have no running water or electricity, are unable to attract credentialed teachers and suffer from overcrowding with four to five children per desk. It is the goal of Awaso Academy to enable its students to pass Ghana government exams, continue their education, secure better paying jobs and build self-esteem. The academy opened in October 2010 and has added a grade each year. They have also recently built a junior high building and will be adding the seventh grade to their campus this fall.