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Sew Seeds

Our Quilts are Tied in Faith, Sent in Hope, Wrapped in Love 

About Sew Seeds

Sew Seeds was founded in 2008 and is comprised of members of all ages from Advent and our local community.  We meet in Room 2 every Tuesday 10:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. with members drifting in and out as their time permits.  No sewing skills are needed.  We welcome those who would like to learn to make quilts or work on any of our no-sew projects.  If you are interested in joining Sew Seeds or would like more information, please contact Jeanett Severson.

More Than Quilts

In addition to quilts, Sew Seeds provides School Kits, Personal Care Kits, Fabric Kits, and Baby Care Kits to Lutheran World Relief.  The ministry also donates quilts to Advent’s shut-ins and friends, as well as providing bay quilts and lap quilts to Saint Louise Hospital.  We also donate blankets and quilts to Community Solutions which serve the South Valley region helping the Battered Women’s Shelter, the homeless, and other agencies in the area.

An Amazing Number of Quilts

Every October, Sew Seeds displays the quilts and kits in the sanctuary for a Blessing on Sunday morning.  The next Saturday morning is our “Ingathering” to collect and ship the boxed quilts and kits.  Advent is the drop off point for more than 30 churches where the quilts are collected and loaded onto a truck headed for the Lutheran World Relief warehouse in Maryland.  They will be prepared for distribution worldwide as needed.    


The #1 priority of our Sew Seeds group is plenty of fellowship, fun and work.  Fellowship and conversation runs rampant as everyone is busy cutting squares.  In the collaborative and light-hearted spirit of an old fashioned quilting bee, tasks are divided up, and decisions shared to produce approximately 250 quilts each year.  Breaking at noon, quilters bring sack lunches and enjoy a social time together.  There is also a holiday party and occasional quilting retreats where members can sign up to participate.  Newcomers are always welcome.